A roleplay by DarkLocustSlayer

NOTE: The roleplay can't start until four characters have composed Alpha Squad.





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DarkLocustSlayer's CharacterEdit

Name:Agent "Archangel"

Affiliation:Third Echelon

Weapons:MK 23 with suppressor, SC3000 with suppressor, SC Knife

Gear: Mk VII Spec Ops Suit, Sonar Goggles, OPSAT, Subdermals, Flashbang grenades

Biography: Considered a genius throughout all his life Agent Archangel was the best at academics and sports. Yet, it wasn't until college did he find his true calling. Fighting. After a group of terrorists snuck into his college, Yale, he found himself bringing them all to justice with only his fists. He was later chosen as a candidate for the Splinter Cell program and went through the rough training. After he finished, he came out a different man, he no longer thought himself a genius, he thought himself as a human being fighting for the salvation of his race. Archangel now serves as a Splinter Cell and was recently inducted into the prestige Alpha Squad.

MerchantofDeath's CharacterEdit

Name: Roy "Smokey" Arnette

Affliation: Third Echelon

Weapons: MK 23 with suppressor, SC3000 with suppressor, SC Knife.

Gear: Mk VII Spec Ops Suit, Multivision Googles, OPSAT, Subdermals, Smoke and Flash grenades

Biography: Roy joined the Splinter Cell program after serving three years in the C.I.A. Though somewhat distrusted in the N.S.A., Roy as shown through the Splinter Cell program that he is an exceptional agent. He is most famous for his hacking techniques, his excellent fighting techniques (such as Kick Boxing), and his quietness. He has captured fifty known fugitives in the United States, and fifty more around the world. He has also killed ninety on missions in Russia and other former soviet block countries, which is why he's in Alpha Sqaud now.



Alpha Squad. Four of the most potential Splinter Cells put into one team. It was going to be the sword of Third Echelon. These four Splinter Cells were going to be sent on high risk, near suicidal missions. If they succeeded in those missions, they would save the world in so many ways that the people would be kowtowing to them. If they knew.

Third Echelon tested many of the Splinter Cells to find possible candidates for the team. These people in the Alpha Squad would need to be stealthy, lethal, and most of all willing. Any person willing to join this squad had to know the probability of failure and death. The high stakes set the bar, and only a few could pass it.

The Director of Third Echelon after the Third Echelon Conspiracy assembled this team herself and knew it could be a chance to save many lives. She knew that Alpha Squad would be a four man army. What she didn't know was that something else, lurking in the shadows, would cause something worse than anybody had ever seen.