Splinter-cell -conviction-wallpapers

Right after the events of the "Third Echelon Conspiracy", Sam Fisher is now on hunt for Meggido, the organization that almost killed him, and caused a coup against President Caldwell...


Sam hit the deck as soon as the gunshots were heard. A soldier took a bullet on the neck, and he was badly hurt. Sam approached him, but he was late: the bullet had shredded the arteries and the young man was now dead. Sam closed his eyes and then took the M-16 away from the soldier. He gave a quick peak, and then he discovered were the fire was coming from: there were some Black Arrow mercs left on the fountain, and the army was having a bad time trying to protect Caldwell and return fire, so Sam had to do something, and do it quick. He swiftly ran to the nearest soldier, who resulted to be Captain Anderson, the soldier that had rescued Caldwell when he had Tom Reed in front of his barrel.

"Captain, what's happening?" he asked, although he was certainly aware of it.

Anderson turned and faced Sam, "We have hostile contact at the fountain. 5 enemy Tangos, they most be some left-overs from the coup attempt." Sam scanned the situation. He quickly decided to take the targets down.

"Captain, lend me your weapon." he ordered, and the soldier obeyed. Sam looked through the sights of the weapon and aimed at the enemies. He took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger. Five bodies hit the floor, and the extraction teams began to move out again.

Suddenly, a helicopter appeared in the sky. The chopper made some passing, but then it begun spitting bullets all over the place. Private Johnson, who was near Sam, leveled his Javelin launcher and painted the objective. A lock-on alarm sounded, the private activated the system, and the rocket flew off the tube. A line of light arced in the sky, and then impacted the chopper's tail. The explosion severely damaged the hydraulic lines as well, and the chopper soon began to spin out of control.

"Nice shot, Private" Sam complimented, and the young soldier gave a nod to him as he strapped the launcher to his back.

"Mr. Fisher" President Caldwell started, "your country has a large debt with you, specially after this you have done this past days. You have risked your life for your country and saved us from a great disaster. This nation is on debt with you"

"Thank you ma'am, but I'm just doing what I most."

"I know, Mr. Fisher, but you deserve recognition, and you will have it."

"Yes ma'am, but not for now, I have to settle some score with Meggido." Sam answered.

Caldwell sighed: she didn't expected that answer from Sam.

"Are you sure, Mr. Fisher? Everything is over, we can give you protection, relocate you...."

"No ma'am, Meggido will still find me and my daughter, and I don't want to lose her again. This must be stopped right now."

Caldwell looked Sam straight in the eye and knew he was right, but she didn't wanted to accept it.

"All right Mr. Fisher, meet me at my helicopter in 20 minutes."

"Yes, ma'am."

Sam dismissed and walked to the entrance of the white house. He hopped Vic had made it to safe heaven with Sarah.

"Dad!" he suddenly heard, and he saw both of them outside, being held back by some soldiers.