Welcome to the Tom Clancy Fanfiction Wiki!

Hi, and welcome to the Tom Clancy Fanfiction Wiki. I created this wiki for anyone who feels that they want to add somethings to the Tom Clancy Universe, books and games included. Add your own characters, weapons, and vehicles; or maybe make your own story. But remember to have fun.

Getting Started

To start helping this wiki out, you can start editing articles to improve the content or create new pages of your own. Make sure you read the policies first though so you know what rules there are. If you want to help out more, you can add images, improve stub articles, report pages that need to be deleted, or fix wanted pages. If you want to see any changes here on the wiki, you can keep an eye on the recent changes. If you need any templates you can see them here. If you need to discuss anything on an article, go to its talk page, and post your thoughts there. If you want to talk about larger things on the wiki, go to Wiki Discussion, or if you want to talk about more general things, go to the Watercooler. If you need any help, you can contact one of the administrators, and leave a message on their talk page, or post a thread on the help desk.


IRC is basically a place where you can chat with your friends and other users on the wiki! To go to the wiki's IRC channel and get more information go here.