IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a place for the users of this wiki to chat and ask questions. The channel for the wiki is #TomClancyFanfictionWiki. If you need any help just contact a channel operator (they have this symbol next to their name -> @).


  • All user related policies are used here.
  • No spamming. If something is repeated several times it is considered spam. Also meaningless and random messages are spam.
  • No impersonation of other users.
  • No inappropriate topics or images (sexual related things for an example).
  • No abusive actions such as bullying.
  • Users must be identifiable to their wiki user name, at least something similar to it or a popular known nickname of that user.

Channel Operators

Channel Operators maintain the order of the wiki's IRC channel a list of them are below.

Link to the Channel


IRC Commands

To view them go here.

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