Canon Policy

Any canon events, weapons, etc do NOT belong on this wiki. Content may be based upon canon material (Ex.Splinter Cell Conviction with a different plot). There can be a canon article as long as most of it has non-canon content. Also the content must be related to Tom Clancy's series in some way.

User Policy

Every use on this wiki should be respected and respect one another. Harmful behavior, racism, or anything offensive is not allowed here on this wiki. If someone is doing this please do not fight back. Just stay calm and report the user to an administrator or bureaucrat and they will take care of it.

Signature Policy

When you write something in the forums, talk page, etc you MUST put your signature. You can do this when editing by typing in four tildes (A tilde is this -> ~) or by pressing the signature button.

Protection Policy

Pages should be protected only if the page is abused or if it is extremely needed for other reasons. Otherwise, it does not need to be protected.

Image, Writing, and Video Policy

On this wiki you can write and put images up and also post videos, but you can not do some things with that. You can not put inappropriate material up because the audience may dislike what they see if they saw that. Also, do not put useless pages, comments, pictures, etc up because if they have no use, the wiki does not need it. Please make sure that they are not duplicates of something else already up and that it is free of copyright violations. When writing pages, please use correct grammar so that the community can understand what you're trying to write.

Discussion Policy

Discussion are extremely important in some cases such as bringing an article into a new direction, reporting vandals, discussing topics or ideas that improve the wiki, and more. This is why you can NOT delete any discussions whether it be user talk pages or article talk pages. Yet, there is an exception. If there is spam on the talk pages you can delete that part of the discussion, you can delete outright flaming, and you can delete subjects or things that disregard any policies. Also, you can not edit other users' messages unless it's vandalism or flame wars.

Blocking Policy

When a user has violated any of these of rules they shall be warned, and if done so again, another warning. If they do it once more they shall begin receiving blocks. For violating the Canon Policy, a user will be blocked from two days to a month. If a user breaks the User Policy, the user can be blocked from a week to a permanent block. If the Signature Policy is broken, a user can be blocked from a day to three days. If the Image, Writing, and Video Policy is violated, a user can be blocked from three days to a month. Last, if the Discussion Policy is disregarded, users can be blocked from three days to a week.


All Editors Are Equal

All editors are equal and are treated fairly and equally. It doesn't matter whether you're status is important or not because we are all the same in the end.

Assume Good Faith

When an edit is made, assume that that user's contribution is to help the wiki unless it's obvious vandalism.

Sock Puppetry

On this wiki you may only have one account you can use.

Edit Boosting

Edit boosting is a cheap way to get more edits and is not allowed here.


Blogs are used for almost any purpose, but there are some expectations. Blogs cannot be used for useless things and useless messages. Also do not repeat a blog more than two times.

Page Renaming and Redoing

Before renaming or redoing a fan-made page please ask the author of the page before doing so (unless it is grammatical correction) because if that does not happen many flame wars could start.

Community Consensus

When voting in a community discussion you can not be an anon. You must have an account to vote.

Guideline Violation

If any of these guidelines are violated the user who has violated them shall receive a warning and another warning if they do it again. Then, if the user violates the guidelines again, that user shall be blocked from 3 days to a month.

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