The Russian equivalent of Third Echelon. Voron is a sub-branch of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).
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Voron's symbol


Started in the late 1990's by the SVR, Voron proved to be a valuable for the Russians; participating in National Operations and International "intelligence gathering" operations. As a result of the fear of the relatively new Russian government being destroyed by terrorists, the Russian Federation created Voron in 1997. Originally just another Information gathering branch of the SVR, it quickly began to grow from its agents' reputation in the First Chechen War.

Voron continued continued to be an "intelligence gathering" agency up till the Russian Apartment bombings in 1999. This finally showed the SVR leaders that Voron needed to be the "blackest of the black" in black operations, and immediately began to fund the organization.


Voron, like Third Echelon, uses the most advanced tech that the Russian government can make/buy. Most of their equipment comes from Europe and Russia, but some International suppliers are able to sneak a sale to SVR, which automatically goes to Voron. Voron's uniforms also suggest that the SVR does not trust it's other black operation counterparts, since some uniforms are designed to look like Spetsnaz uniforms.

VR SV1 Akula




  • MP-443 Grach: main pistol of all Voron Agents
  • AKS-74U:main submachine gun
  • SPAS-12

Equipment and UniformsEdit

  • EMP Grenade
  • Frag Grenade
  • Flashbang
  • Sticky Camera
  • Remote Mine
  • Proximity Mine